What Makes Us Different?

Our experienced veterinarian and support staff manage your patient's surgical procedures with care, compassion, and expertise. Nobody is eager to be treated surgically, & no surgery is completely devoid of risk. But the latest techniques, monitoring, consistent procedures and medications, can help your pet to experience a more comfortable and rapid recovery.

  • Experience counts! Our Medical Director has 30 years of experience, performing these routine surgeries with great care, yet minimizing total time within the procedure can greatly improve your pet's surgical experience and recovery. Our guest veterinarians are experienced, compassionate, and communicative. Our proficiency in routine procedures allows us to send many of our patients home with their owners the same day--allowing for a more comfortable and emotionally positive recovery experience.

  • Sevoflurane and Isoflurane are offered as the latest top of the line anesthetic and greatly reduces anesthetic risk in pediatric and geriatric or at-risk patients. We utilize careful and consistent pre-anesthetic screening and pre-anesthetic procedures--as well as post operative monitoring. Our anesthesia fees typically include induction, maintenance and post surgical analgesia as well.

  • We believe in safe, humane pain management.

  • Surgical patients require a trained support staff: our assisting staff members are not just experienced via on the job training, but have also worked through AVMA technology and assistantship programs and bring their skills together as great team--seeing your pet through the surgical experience and recovery.

  • Radiosurgery is also available to offer the benefits of laser surgery, but for a far more economical fee! Radiosurgery is an alternative to traditional surgery that reduces morbidity rates, offers a lower risk of complications, and improves quality of life during the healing process.

  • K-Laser therapy is offered as a safe natural post operative adjunct to speed healing to surgically handled tissues, reduce inflammation and manage pain.

  • Your participation in surgical and medical services via Highland Veterinary Clinic helps us to help community pets in need! Spay/Neuter Services of Indiana helps us to offer spays and neuters to pet guardians in need, and we are able to pass on the goodwill by donating many medical and surgical services to homeless animals via Evansville Animal Care and Control and the community partners who donate to the Spirit Animal Medical Fund.

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