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Highland Veterinary Clinic is a companion animal family practice. We are proud to serve as the primary veterinary physician for over 3,000 families and their pets! We offer complete companion animal care and Preventative Healthcare Programs for all pet patient life-stages. We've been around for many years, but some of the greatest things about Highland, and some new developments include:

  • Approachable, caring, experienced, & friendly veterinary physicians and technicians who create and communicate solid preventative healthcare plans, and treatment plans with you

  • Medically relevant, complete, and economically sound Preventative Healthcare Programs for all four stages of companion animal life: Pediatric, Adult, Senior, and Elder Care

  • Assistance from our experienced medical team in learning how to manage your pet's existing medical condition(diabetes, renal disease, cushings, etc.) both traditionally, and with natural integrative medical techniques and supplements. Ask how a nursing case manager can help you find affordable medications for your pet or specially compounded medications to ease administration in treat or liquid form.

  • We emphasize screening and detection--while vaccinations are important, we continue to use them only as tools to sensibly prevent disease for each pet based on a health and wellness plan that weighs risk vs. benefit

  • Our homemade meal plans are safely developed by Veterinarians who are specialists in Veterinary Nutrition. We even have partnered with a personal chef who can prepare them for you bi-monthly at a controlled cost! Our meal plans can work for your well pet or your pet with a medical condition as long as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian. Call today to get started or visit Nourish of Evansville's Nourish Your Pet page for more information

  • Electronic medical records are available via your mobile device--so that you can stay in touch at your convenience, and you can update us on what's going on at home, communicate your pet's condition to emergency clinics, or stay in touch after hours or when traveling with your pet. Our complimentary PetSite system helps assimilate light contact such as allowing you a fun way to "get social" with your pet, or can be used for more serious matters, a more effective way to journal your pet's ongoing medical condition such as epilepsy.

  • Our Digital Radiology Suite stores your pet's diagnostic images in the "cloud," but more importantly, it provides clearer more useful images. Your pet's safety is maximized because the system minimizes re-takes. Furthermore, this system is more environmentally sound because no chemicals nor film are utilized.

  • Our handheld Ultrasound system provides us with the latest non-invasive diagnostics and can be performed while you hold your pet in the room.

  • Our K-Laser therapy pain management protocols offer safe non-invasive treatments and is available to all pets coping with pain regardless of their medical condition. From ABC news:

  • "The cold laser therapy is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cells and increase blood circulation. At the correct laser wavelength, pain signals are reduced and nerve sensitivity decreases. The procedure also releases endorphins, or natural painkillers, but it is not recommended for animals that have cancer because the device can stimulate blood flow to cancer cells. The procedure is based on the idea that light is absorbed into the cells. The process, known as photo-biotherapy, stimulates protein synthesis and cell metabolism, which improves cell health and functionality."

  • The therapy can take as little as eight to 10 minutes on a small dog or cat, or about a half hour for bigger dogs with more arthritic areas."

  • We have the latest and most efficient in-house VetLab Suite that gets answers for your family and medical team right away. Our VetLab Suite is "VetConnected" through Idexx reference laboratories too--so your pet's pathology can be reviewed by specialists anytime through the "cloud."

  • We carry only the newest, safest, most effective, parasite preventatives and can help you select which preventative will work best for your pet, people, and pocketbook.

  • Our online pharmacy carries any medication, medical equipment, or conventional prescription diets you could need or want, and deliver them to your door. You can manage these requests from your home computer, or we can manage them on your behalf--anytime, anywhere.

  • We have developed sound protocols and positive professional relationships to help you when you need to see a veterinary specialist and for caring for your pet after a treatment plan has been developed by a veterinary specialist.

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