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What Is an Annual Preventative Healthcare Plan for Pets?

Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) are commonly used in human medicine to assess individual risk and develop personalized, patient-centered healthcare plans. We’ve standardized our HRAs available for use in veterinary medicine. Our Health Risk Assessments include patient health, identified risk factors, and client communication and education. It encourages greater pet owner involvement to facilitate better pet health. A comprehensive preventative pet healthcare plan should include an evaluation of the current health status of the individual patient as well as an assessment of risk factors that may affect the continued health of the patient. To achieve these result we combine a health history questionnaire, completed by the pet’s primary caregiver, a full exam, with a comprehensive laboratory screening profile. The laboratory results are included in the follow-up report, providing a comprehensive assessment that is available to both the veterinarian and primary caregiver. Our report can provide you with patient information in several areas including healthy aging, osteoarthritis, metobolic diseases, endocrine disease risk, nutrition, obesity, dental health, compliance with vaccinations and parasite control, and general lifestyle information. Empowered with this information, we can then partner with you to select the most appropriate, annual care plan, effective core vaccinations, lifestyle vaccinations, parasite preventatives (heartworm, flea/tick), nutritional plans and even enrichment plans for your pet!

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Plan Development at Highland

In 2001 our family worked with our patient families to create the first veterinary “Wellness Program” in the Evansville, Indiana area which bundled discounted screening with rewards on over 100 medical, surgical and boarding service discounts PLUS free core vaccinations every year! Generations of dogs and cats have been better protected as their families partnered with Highland to prevent heartworms and infectious diseases, and to extend the quality of each day in the lives of our beloved pets via healthy aging.

Today, we can say we’ve learned a lot by evolving these programs and working with Dr. and Mrs. Gormley and our pet patient families to continue to customize them and broaden these plans—always taking advantage of the latest progressive screening techniques, technologies, immunizations, and preventatives to offer a spectrum of customizable and affordable bundles and plans for our patients. We always ask if this were my best friend—what is within reach? What would I want to know and how would I want to improve my pet’s quality of life?

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